Sunday, September 13, 2009

Start with Swimming, Finish with Soccer

I am behind on my days because my weekends are busy in the fall. I may miss a few events on the blog but I will do my best to keep this updated.

Thursday I started with Gates-Chili Girls swimming at GC against the Mercy Monarchs. I tryed a few angles but it is very hard to shoot with limited space even in a brand new facility like Gates-Chili. Also, lighting is very difficult, someday I will sneak some strobes in. Anyways heres some of my favorites.

I like the reflection of the red numbers from the scoreboard in this shot. I took one last year that was similar.

I left the pool early to head over to Churchville-Chili, where the boys soccer team was taking on the Spencerport Rangers. Both of these teams have high hopes for this year and have some great players. After the first half was complete the teams were tied 1-1. Spencerport took the lead midway through the second half and even avoided a Saints attempt on a penalty kick late to win 2-1.

When the teams were warming up I took the opportunity to shoot the back up goalies because they usually don't see much game time without a blowout or injury. I really liked the height on this grab by the backup Rangers goalie.

Not only did I get a great goalie shot before the game but during too. The starting goalie for Spencerport made a leap towards me for a Saints shot. I happened to catch him in midair with both hands snagging the ball. You may say, well how do I know it wasn't during practice. If you look carefully on the left you can see the elbow of a Saints player waiting for a rebound.

The hard work and effort these two teams left on the field provided some great photos. This last photo shows a Churchville attacker being blocked by a Spencerport defender.

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