Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hockey Sectionals at Thomas Creek

Gates-Chili moved on to play Fairport after beating Brighton a few days ago. I drove to Thomas Creek Ice rink after shooting wrestling super sectionals in the morning at RIT. I was torn between shooting the wrestling finals and this game between Fairport and Gates. I felt the the last two weekends I had taken a ton of wrestling photos and needed to catch the hockey game.

Anyways, I was very happy with the decision I made because it was one of the best games I had seen all year in any sport. Fairport took control after Gates scored early. The Red Raiders scored the next three goals making the score 3-1 entering the third period. You could see that the Spartans wanted to put some pressure on early to get back in the game and they did. About a minute into the third period Gates scored two quick goals to make a 3-3 tie. The teams struggled to get the upper hand and ended up going into overtime. Gates Chili's season ended about three minutes into the OT on a deflected shot from the point. Good luck to Fairport and congrats to Gates Chili for a great year.

Sectional Gallery: Fairport v. Gates Chili

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Super Sectional Weekend

Last weekend was wrestling sectionals at Fairport High School for Division 1 Class AA. This weekend was Super Sectionals, where Section V's best from Division 1 and 2 showcase their talent to qualify for states. Some very impressive wrestlers from Section V. The unfortunate part was not being able to shoot the finals due to hockey sectionals taking place at the same time. I used the same remote method as last weekend and got a few decent photos.

Super Sectionals: Wrestlers

Friday, February 20, 2009

High School Hockey Sectionals

Gates Chili opened their 2009 sectionals against Brighton/ER/HFL at Genesee Valley Ice Rink. They played very well shutting out their opponents 4-0. The one bright spot for Brighton was some of the great saves their goalie made. He really stood out facing over 30 shots on goal. The game got real chippy near the end, which turned into a fight between a couple players with a minute left in the game. Gates will face Fairport in the next round.
I decided to try the blog without watermarks, we will se how that goes. Here are some of the shots...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 Class AA Wrestling Sectionals

Gates Chili had a few wrestlers who were involved with this two day event. I received permission to shoot and got to Fairport's gym early to set up. I was split on whether to use flash or not. I decided flash in this dimly lit gym would work best. I wanted to bounce the flash but really it was impossible with four mats going at once and not sure where I was gonna be. I used pocket wizards to keep the flash off camera and kept the flash low and on the small stand that comes with the flash. This made it very easy to move as I moved from mat to mat.

Hopefully, I will be able to shoot super sectionals also since GC has two wrestlers continuing on. I took alot of photos of many different kids in the two days of wrestling. Here are some of the shots...

Section V Sectionals: Class AA Wrestling

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Blog is going Downhill, Not Really...

Never been skiing in my life, actually never even been to a ski resort. Traveled to Bristol Mountain and photographed Section V Boys Slalom. I loved being half way up the hill shooting these skiers flying down the mountain. It was a nice dayfor downhill skiing and I got a bunch of great shots. By the way, this was sectionals so the kids were out to perform.

Section V Slalom: Boys Gallery

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Girls Hoops Senior Night

I used the remote flash again still trying to get that great flash shot. Seems like I am doing that with all the sports, trying to pull one outstanding shot from the year to add to the portfolio. I feel that I do have a bunch from a few different sports but always trying to improve. I do also feel I missed out on a great shot from some sports and will need to concentrate more on that sport next year. Hopefully in a two year period of straight sports I will have a very accomplished and full portfolio.

I also had to increase the darkness of my copyright symbol and now pics can only be seen in medium size to increase their protection.

Forget my ramblings, here is a few from senior night....

Senior Night: Spartans v. Patriots

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super Saturday Part 2

The second event on Saturday began at 4:30 PM and was in the city at the Convention Center. It was a black tie event for the Epilepsy Foundation called the Chocolate Ball. It was their 23rd Annual Chocolate Ball 2009.

I was dressed up and arrived early to photograph the many decorations and beautiful cakes before people arrived for the event.

Once I photographed the 12 cakes and some of the details, I took some guest arrival and table check-in shots. Once guests checked in, they began tasting cakes and had some other early food and drink.

After an hour or so the people moved to their dinner table where there were a couple speeches and then dinner. After dinner the cakes were auctioned off to the guests. That was followed by the band Prime Time Funk and some dancing ensued. The formalities finished at about 11 PM with the raffle drawing of some jewelry and a trip to Miami. I shot some more dancing until midnight and decided the day had been long enough and packed it in. It was a type of event I had not shot before so the experience I received from this volunteer work was great.

All shots I used flash from my Canon 580EX II and all but a few were bounced off the ceiling.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Saturday Part 1

Had a very long day of photography Saturday. I started at 9:00 am at RIT's Gordon Field House for the high school track and field event. The RIT Invitational contained many teams in and outside of Monroe County. I have never shot inside the field house so I just tryed to keep all the distractions out and shoot one thing at a time. Anyone who has been to one of these meets knows the commotion of all the different events going on at once.

I found myself trying to shoot as many Gates Chili participants as possible. This meant shooting the pole vault and then a 3200 meter runner as they passed me where I stand. It did get very crazy trying to get all the GC athletes, but I did my best. I also tryed to shoot some of the better athletes as they participated because you could possibly see these kids in an olympic setting sometime in the future. You never know.

Anyways it was very difficult because of the dim lighting, but a few photos came out relatively well with some noise ninja applied. I had to leave early (2 pm) because I had to be at the Chocolate Ball at 4:30 pm and still needed to charge the batteries and get dressed up. You can read about the ball in Super Saturday Part 2....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Senior Night, Hockey Style

Last home game for the Gates Chili Spartans hockey team means Senior Night at Genesee Valley ice rink. On the ice before the game took a few shots of the seniors with their parents.

Gates skated against the Rush Henrietta Royal Comets for their final home game of the season. The game was solid with some good D and a little offense in the second period where the ice opened up a bit. GC ended up scoring the game winner in the third and thats how it ended 3-2. Hopefully next year I will get my project together and create a goal cam to use for a game.

Senior Hockey Night: Spartans v. Royal Comets