Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soccer, Churchville Style

I was asked to shoot a few Churchville-Chili boys soccer games this fall by a proud parent of one of the players. It was my first time shooting at the Saints home field. I was impressed, hopefully Gates can have something like their stadium soon. Anyways, I arrived early and took some warm-up shots and tried to get some of the Saints players in action. The game put the Saints up against the Greece Olympia Spartans who came into the contest without a win and two losses.

The first half was a battle and both teams fought hard for control. Here two players go up strong on a goalie kick.

Ball control created many opportunities for me to get great "battle for the ball" shots

As the sun sets and creates a orange glow on this Olympia player's face, he hurls the ball just past me into player traffic.

I only stayed for the first half because of time issues but Churchville did have many chances to score but with missed shots and some solid goaltending they were kept scoreless. Here Dino Banitskos (8) dribbles past a Spartans defender to get a shot on goal.

After I left, Churchville scored a goal 15 minutes into the second half and went on to win 1-0. Hopefully next game I will catch a goal and celebration from the team.

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