Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for a Goal

First game for the Field Hockey team of Gates-Chili felt a little like last year. The Spartans faced off against the Webster Schroeder Warriors at Gates-Chili's stadium. I was hopeing to see some real improvement from last years team but it seems there is still some work to do. Many lady Spartans return to the varsity team but the competition is still a little too strong for Gates to score. A win may be too much to ask for this year but hopefully a few goals are in the works. Good luck Spartans and I hope to be there for that victory.

Schroeder kept the ball on the Spartans side of the field for most of the game. Here a Gates player blocks the pass of a Warrior attacker.

Jasjeet Dhaliwal (9) hits a rocket away from GC's goal after a whistle.

Claire Barnwell (4) seemed to be on the field the whole game working hard to keep the Warriors from scoring.

The Spartans goalkeeper Jasleen Dhaliwal (51) had a difficult time with the constant flurry of shots from the Schroeder attackers.

Webster defeated Gates 7-0.

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