Friday, September 25, 2009

Boys Soccer Week

I am running behind of course but, Monday and Tuesday I had boys soccer games to shoot. I also will be shooting one more Thursday so it kind of feels like a total soccer week. I am finishing up the last few games shooting for Churchville-Chili, so Monday they faced Dr. Freddie Thomas and Tuesday was Gates-Chili. They beat Freddie Thomas with a marginal victory and won a tight game at Gates. Here are some shots from the first two days of the week.

The first game was at 4:30 and the sun was already getting low giving somewhat of a orange glow on the players. Here a Freddie Thomas attacker does his best imitation of Pele'.

Churchville-Chili's goalie just gets a piece of this ball as it goes off the crossbar and behind the net.

The Gates game was at 6:00 and the sun was not showing on the field once the game began. I probably have said this before but, the Spartans field is not the place to take pictures when the sun goes down. I knew I could only get to about halftime where the pictures would just be a waste of time due to the poor lighting. I quickly shot as many action pics a s possible until the ambient light was gone. Gates scored first but Churchville ended up tieing the game in the second half and taking the lead with ten minutes left for the win.

I am really starting to get some of the timing down to catch some great headers. Hopefully there will be more to come before basketball starts.

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