Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gates-Chili Field Hockey

On October 21st, I shot a game between Gates-Chili and Penfield at the Spartans home field. I was there to get some shots to make some senior posters for the coach, but I also got to photograph a great moment for the Spartans team. I was able to capture a goal celebration for the Gates team. Most would say big deal, but if you know about the fairly new varsity field hockey team then you would understand. Goals do not come very often for the Spartans so this was great to catch, next year I am hopeing to catch a celebration for a win. Penfield did end up winning this one. Click here for the rest of the pics...

(Jasleen Dhaliwal #7 and a Penfield player battle for control of the ball in the rain)

(Keirstin Briggs #19 slaps the ball upfield after a foul)

(Claire Barnwell #4 celebrates and runs towards her teammates after scoring on a penalty shot)

(Claire Barnwell #4 celebrates with a teammate after scoring on a penalty shot)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

INBF Bodybuilding Competition

The last event I had on Saturday, October 9th was a bodybuilding competition. I had a client that was looking for professional competition photos of his wife. The event was four hours long and at Greece Olympia H.S. There were only a few moments to shoot since there are many different categories and levels. Anyways here are a few that I liked from the shoot. There is no gallery for this client.

Men's Soccer v. Geneseo

The second game of the day on October 9th was a men's soccer game between Brockport and Geneseo. I was able to shoot a little more than half the game as the Golden Eagles won 3-1. Click here for the rest of the pics...

(Geneseo Sr. Ben Ariola #6 and Brockport Jr. Aubrey Brown #2 collide while looking to head the ball)

(Brockport forward Marc Orlando #25 attempts to score past Goaltender Mike Madarasz #0)

(Two players collide as Geneseo midfielder Colin Begy #12 goes airborne)

(Blue Knight Ben Ariola #6 and Golden Eagle Aubrey Brown #2 battle for a loose ball)