Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sectional Football and the Importance of Camera Backup

Friday night at Gates-Chili was the start of sectional play for class AA football. GC was taking on Brockport in the quarterfinals. The Spartans were at home and just like when they faced the Blue Devils two weeks ago the weather was miserable. The weather progressively worsened to a sideways cold rain as the game went along. Gates took an early lead and by half were up 21-0.

I got in my car at halftime to dry off my flash, gloves, and hat and contemplated leaving right then. I decided to stick it out a little longer to make sure the score didn't change in Brockport's favor. It was a bad idea because the rain began to fall even harder to the point where the camera was losing focus on the players. I had enough and packed up early and later found out GC won 21-7. I did not get many photos from the game but the shot below is probably the best flash football shot I have taken to this date.

I walked into Marina Auto Stadium early before the 11:00 am game to get ready for a day of shooting sectional football. I planned to shoot the early game and then drive to Aquinas get that game in at 2pm and back to the stadium for the late game. Everything started well shooting warm ups and the first quarter. Well, half way through the second quarter my camera quit on me. I no longer have a backup so I was off to see if I could get it fixed. Long story short my camera is off to the shop for 2 weeks and I looking for a replacement for next weekend. I still took a bunch of photos but no celebration on the game winning kick as Cal-Mum defeated Clyde 17-14 in OT. Hopefully I will have a new camera this week.

Here Jon Cappotelli (22) is dragged down by Clyde Savannah defenders.

Friday Gallery: GC v. Brockport

Saturday Gallery: Cal-Mum v. Clyde

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