Monday, October 26, 2009

Junior Varsity Sports

Last week I wanted to fit in a few JV matches for Gates-Chili. I try to get at least one game in for some of the sports but it doesn't always happen. Anyways I shot the girls JV soccer team a week ago and decided to catch the boys too. I only shot the first half between Gates and Olympia because available light has become scarce in NY after 5:30 PM. The JV team was very good and had many scoring opportunities early with no results. Here two players get tangled battling for the loose ball.

The battle for the ball continues in the air as two players jump for a header.

Later that week I also shot the JV football team as they took on Penfield. These Spartans also were dominating early as I watched them score early and often. After three quarters I had enough shots to put up a decent gallery for the team. The offense had it's normal Gates-Chili format of running the ball numerous times with great results.

The defense stifled the Patriots offense to get the ball back to their run heavy offense.

JV Gallery: Olympia v. GC

JV Gallery: GC v. Penfield

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