Monday, October 26, 2009

Gates Senior Football Night

The fans were out last Friday night as GC took on the Fairport Red Raiders on the Spartans senior night. The setup for introducing the seniors was all messed up as the seniors and parents lined up along the field. Only half the field was used and the line was too long to fit everyone making it a photography nightmare to get everyone. Next time I will bring a shorter lens to get them as soon as they begin to walk. Gates won easily 34-14 to continue their win streak of 4 in a row entering sectionals.

Saturday morning I was in Pittsford to see the Panthers take on the Canandaigua Braves. It was a very close game as both offenses struggled to score. The rain starting coming down in the second quarter and was steady until the end. Canandaigua ended up winning in the fourth quarter on a quarterback run left for about 60 yards for the score. The game ended Braves 13, Panthers 10.

Sunday I finished off the weekend with my last regular season games of Chili Lions football. This day I was shooting the Purple Mitey Mites and the Junior Midgets. This ends another great season with the Lions and finally a decent weather day which did not occur many times on 2009 Sundays.

Gallery: Chili Lions

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