Friday, October 2, 2009

Cold Weather Soccer

This week the temperature has dipped down into sweatshirt and raincoat weather. I shot two soccer games this week and the weather was horrible Monday for the Gates-Chili boys game against Hilton. It started as a cold late afternoon game but took a turn for the worse as the rain and wind kicked in. I was prepared for the rain with my rain pants, jacket, and most importantly a thinktank camera cover. Everything stayed dry so the protection did its job and I took some cool photos of the rain affecting the play. Gates ended up losing 2-0 in this horrible Rochester weather.

Hilton's Corey Sherman (23) slides into Spartans midfielder Paul Altobelli (17) during a cold rainstorm in Gates.

Gates midfielder Joe Plummer (16) and Cadets defenseman Kyle Bryan (17) keep their eyes on the ball.

Wednesday, I drove over to Rush Henrietta high school were they took on #1 Penfield in boys soccer. Again, the weather was cold but the rain never showed up for this one. It was overcast with some dark clouds which produced some rich saturated photos. RH scored an early goal that stood after one half of play. I planned on leaving at halftime but with a chance of an upset I decided to stick around longer. Ten minutes into the second half Penfield tied up the game. I decided it was time to go, but found out later that RH scored again to upset Penfield. I was upset I missed probably a decent celebration but I wasn't as prepared for the cold. I knew I made the right decision because I already was feeling the effects of a cold.

Royal Comets defender Josh Olinger (2) keeps Penfield attacker Alex Swanger (12) away from the ball.

RH's goalie Antonio Donoso (1) punches the ball away from Patriots midfielder Steve Mounnarat (10).

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