Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skiing in the Woods

Had the chance to drive south of Rochester to Harriet Hollister Spencer Park near Hemlock Lake. The drive was for the opportunity to shoot some skiing. Not downhill skiing but nordic skiing. For those who have no clue what nordic skiing is, it is pretty much cross country skiing through the woods.

I finally got to the park and had to park along the road due to the very small parking lot taken up by the many school buses. With camera in hand and my backpack I followed the row of cars leading to the trail entrance. I walked through the woods with skiers everywhere warming up along the many small trails. I followed the major trail until I started to see cones and parents. I walked a while until I found a clearing with a view down towards Honeoye Lake. When I reached a decent position varsity girls started their race.

I was only there for two hours and came away with a few good shots. Well decent for never shooting any previous skiing before, especially nordic.

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Winnie said...

Great Shots for never shooting Nordic before!