Sunday, January 11, 2009

Basketball Boredom Creates My Artistic Side

I now have shot many basketball games for Gates in their home gym. I still love to shoot the sport and team, just looking for a little variety in these cold winter days. I decided to change things up for this game.

Left the house a little early to setup before the game began. I decided to bring the tripod and start off up top where the track is located above the gymnasium floor. I put on the 18-55mm lens and attached it to the tripod. I also attached a ND 2x and a Circular polarizer to the lens to slow down the shutter even more. I set the iso at 100, aperture at f/11 and the shutter to 4 seconds. I ended up with a photo that was nicely lit and what looks like ghosts playing on the court. Definitely looks different to my normal photos and kinda liked it. Here it is...

After I was done shooting a few slow shutter shots from above, I decided to stay up there and get a few more with the 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I actually liked the way some of the rebound and lay-up shots were coming out, so I stayed up there for the whole first half. Here are some shots from above.

More photos here: Varsity GC v. Penfield

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Winnie said...

Wow ... Great Series. Your photos in this series were definately brighter. Thanks for sharing!