Sunday, January 18, 2009

Remote Flash Basketball

I have read a lot about shooting sports (mostly indoor) with strobes and flashes. I have not purchased any strobes yet but I do have a speedlite. I own a Canon 580ex II. I also have two pocket wizards to remotely trigger the flash. I decided to try out some remote flash shots during the Gates Chili v. Spencerport basketball game.

I set up the flash with a light stand and pocket wizard up on the second floor track at the Gates Chili gym. I aimed the flash from the corner I was going to shoot from up top and on the bottom floor. The flash was pointed at the foul line near the basket that GC was shooting at for two quarters. I tryed shooting from three different locations during the game. After setting that up and attaching the other pocket wizard to the camera, I did a few test shots during warm ups to get proper exposure. I ended up shooting with the 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM. I kept my settings at f/2.8, 800 iso, and 1/250 ss.

When the game started I shot from up top right next to the flash. A shot from that angle.

At about the 4 minute mark of the first quarter I moved toward the middle of the basket but still up top. Still had a small angle so it wasn't straight on. Heres a shot from that angle.

For the second quarter I moved down to the floor and sat at the baseline on the same side as the flash. Here is two shots from that position. I stayed in the spot for the third quarter to get some shots of GC on defense and also Spencerport players.

The fourth quarter I moved to the other end of the court to finish some shots of Gates Chili's offense. I turned the flash off and just used a high iso at the end. Overall I was impressed with the way some of the flash shots came out. There is definitely room for improvement. It also limited the number of shots I took because I was only using batteries and not a powerpack. Monday (MLK Day), I will try some different shots with both a girls and boys game. I also will be shooting Nordic Skiing for the first time......

Rest of the pics: GC v. Spencerport

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Winnie said...

You have some wonderful shots here! I cannot wait to see more.