Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Days of Softball

Saturday I was bored and wanted to get another girls softball game in. They were away at Brighton so I grabbed the equipment and drove there. Gates held up pretty well and the game was a pitching duel until the Barons broke through with a few runs in the 4th inning. I tried a few different angles to hopefully get a new portfolio shot. Didn't get that shot but some interesting photos.

Monday I shot some more softball but this time it was not a Gates Chili game. A parent asked me to come shoot the Northstar Christian Academy's pitcher. She is having a phenomenal season including a 22 strikeout extra inning game. She also had not allowed a walk all year. Of course, when I show up she didn't have her best game. Nonetheless, she was very impressive and I took alot of photos of both teams (they played Mercy).

Sat. Softball Gallery: GC v. Brighton

Mon. Softball Gallery: NCA v. Mercy

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Josh Jones said...

excellent stuff Chris!