Saturday, August 8, 2009

Westside Camp Continued

To continue on with the westside camp varsity moved on to do defensive drills on Tuesday. Athletes participated in hitting, footwork, and other defending skills. Here a Churchville-Chili runner breaks thriugh the pads.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/5000 f/2.8 200 ISO)

Here an Arcadia rb does the same drill holding on tight to the ball.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/5000 f/2.8 200 ISO)

In this shot a Gates-Chili defender works through a block.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1600 f/2.8 250 ISO)

Brockport lineman watch and wait for the coach to hike the ball so they can work on some defensive footwork.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 250 ISO)

After about an hour of work on these skills teams broke up into some 7 on 7 matchups. This Greece Arcadia Titan works his way to the drinking water before joining his teammates in a matchup against the Greece Olympia Spartans.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 250 ISO)

The 7 on 7 matchups highlight the qb and his receivers, also those defending the pass on the opposition. There are no running plays and some great battles between wr's and db's. Hilton's quarterback throws to one of his receivers during a matchup against Greece Athena.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/3200 f/2.8 200 ISO)

Greece Athena cornerback makes a great interception, taking the ball out of a Brockport's receivers hands.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 800 ISO)

A great catch by a Spencerport Ranger as a GC defender watches.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 400 ISO)

The 11 on 11 matchups made things much more interesting as they now include the lineman. Running backs now had there chance to show some of their skills. Here Greece Athena's running back eyes a Brockport defender coming his way.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1600 f/2.8 800 ISO)

The lineman also had a chance to show off their way of making holes and moving defenders. This Churchville-Chili lineman fights hard to make a hole against a Gates-Chili lineman.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 800 ISO)

Backfield defenders played receivers tight as this GC corner makes a pick against the Hilton offense.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/2500 f/2.8 200 ISO)

Linebackers and lineman had their fun too. This photo shows Hilton's defenders ganging up on the Arcadia running back.

(Canon 40D 300mm 1/1250 f/2.8 640 ISO)

I took alot of pics during the three days I was there. I tried to get a piece of each part of the camp and get my football eye ready as the Chili Lions are beginning soon along with high school football.

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