Saturday, March 7, 2009

Owl Woods

March is the month of migrating owls coming through the Rochester and New York area. I found this out last year in April, which means I was too late. So, I was anxiously waiting for this month to come around both to spot some owls and its a break from sports as winter season ends and spring season begins on April 1st. There is a great area near the lake called Braddocks Bay. In that area is a piece of woods that birders use for banding in the spring and contains many types of pines which is perfect for housing some migrating owls. Hence the piece of woods is named Owl Woods. The first day I went out there I found nothing in my short time due to the cold weather. The next weekend was much warmer and I was finally able to spot my first wild owl. It was a Saw Whet Owl and they are very small. Hopefully I will see some more in the up and coming weekends. Here are some shots.

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Great Shots Chris