Saturday, November 22, 2008

Class D Football State Semifinal

I had the opportunity to shoot for a newspaper for the first time last night. One of my favorite forums to visit ( has a writer (P.J.)from Oneonta who frequently posts on it. P.J. needed to cover his local football team (Walton) who was in the State Semifinal in Rochester at Paetec Park. His paper was short a camera (due to a mishap) so he contacted me through this website to shoot for his paper. I agreed because this was a great opportunity to shoot for a paper.

Anyways, I met P.J. last night at Paetec Park. We received our press passes and began to cover the game through the cold. Those that live in Rochester knows it was very cold and a blizzard at one point last night. Game time temperature was 4 degrees and made it difficult to photograph at certain points. The game was between Walton and Maple Grove with the winner going to the Carrier Dome for the finals. So it was a pretty big game for both teams. Even though it was freezing out, the players did great. It was disappointing that the team I was covering got beat, but I still got some decent shots. The snow made it look like a real football game and added a little background. The photo is up on the newspaper's website and P.J. is gonna send me a few papers with the pics. End score; Walton Warriors-14 Maple Grove Red Dragons-49.

Here is the photo they used in The Daily Star. Click on the link to go to P.J.'s article:

Another photo was used for an article about the coach taking the blame for the loss. Click on the link for the article:

Heres a shot of Maple Grove's running back hitting the hole.

The mascot looking to get a little help from the referees.

Click for the rest of the photos: State Semifinal


Josh Jones said...

excellent images!

Winnie said...

Awesome Images Chris ... Congrats on being published in a paper / artical.