Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yellowstone Trip--Day 5 (May 21st)

Another very early and cold morning start to the day. We woke up around 4:30 and started our ride into Grand Teton National Park. Once again Mel fell asleep while I drove for about an hour before our first decent views of these mountains.

I took many photos in different areas and here are some of my favorites. Go to my website gallery to see the panoramics because the blog displays them too small.

After driving south through the Tetons we stopped in Jackson briefly before returning to Yellowstone. We decided to take a different route through the park because another road was opening up that had the main break. Heading that way we stopped near Fishing Bridge and saw this solo White Pelican fishing in the Yellowstone River.

A little farther down we saw this Cinnamon Black Bear walking about 300 yards away from the road. He followed the road and I tried to get a shot of him crossing this stream before he disappeared into the woods.

We traveled north towards Canyon and stopped to watch anothe White Pelican in Yellowstone River. It could have been the one we saw earlier actually. Farther down the river a bison was crossing and the birds did not stay on his back in the deeper water.

This is lower falls of Yellowstone River.

Upper Falls

Large group of people near Tower had stopped to watch this black bear sleep in the shade.

Tower Falls


Josh Jones said...

wow, these are some spectactual images!

Winnie said...

I love the mountain images ... the last one is my fave. Wonderful work Chris.