Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sectional Football and the Importance of Camera Backup

Friday night at Gates-Chili was the start of sectional play for class AA football. GC was taking on Brockport in the quarterfinals. The Spartans were at home and just like when they faced the Blue Devils two weeks ago the weather was miserable. The weather progressively worsened to a sideways cold rain as the game went along. Gates took an early lead and by half were up 21-0.

I got in my car at halftime to dry off my flash, gloves, and hat and contemplated leaving right then. I decided to stick it out a little longer to make sure the score didn't change in Brockport's favor. It was a bad idea because the rain began to fall even harder to the point where the camera was losing focus on the players. I had enough and packed up early and later found out GC won 21-7. I did not get many photos from the game but the shot below is probably the best flash football shot I have taken to this date.

I walked into Marina Auto Stadium early before the 11:00 am game to get ready for a day of shooting sectional football. I planned to shoot the early game and then drive to Aquinas get that game in at 2pm and back to the stadium for the late game. Everything started well shooting warm ups and the first quarter. Well, half way through the second quarter my camera quit on me. I no longer have a backup so I was off to see if I could get it fixed. Long story short my camera is off to the shop for 2 weeks and I looking for a replacement for next weekend. I still took a bunch of photos but no celebration on the game winning kick as Cal-Mum defeated Clyde 17-14 in OT. Hopefully I will have a new camera this week.

Here Jon Cappotelli (22) is dragged down by Clyde Savannah defenders.

Friday Gallery: GC v. Brockport

Saturday Gallery: Cal-Mum v. Clyde

Monday, October 26, 2009

Junior Varsity Sports

Last week I wanted to fit in a few JV matches for Gates-Chili. I try to get at least one game in for some of the sports but it doesn't always happen. Anyways I shot the girls JV soccer team a week ago and decided to catch the boys too. I only shot the first half between Gates and Olympia because available light has become scarce in NY after 5:30 PM. The JV team was very good and had many scoring opportunities early with no results. Here two players get tangled battling for the loose ball.

The battle for the ball continues in the air as two players jump for a header.

Later that week I also shot the JV football team as they took on Penfield. These Spartans also were dominating early as I watched them score early and often. After three quarters I had enough shots to put up a decent gallery for the team. The offense had it's normal Gates-Chili format of running the ball numerous times with great results.

The defense stifled the Patriots offense to get the ball back to their run heavy offense.

JV Gallery: Olympia v. GC

JV Gallery: GC v. Penfield

Gates Senior Football Night

The fans were out last Friday night as GC took on the Fairport Red Raiders on the Spartans senior night. The setup for introducing the seniors was all messed up as the seniors and parents lined up along the field. Only half the field was used and the line was too long to fit everyone making it a photography nightmare to get everyone. Next time I will bring a shorter lens to get them as soon as they begin to walk. Gates won easily 34-14 to continue their win streak of 4 in a row entering sectionals.

Saturday morning I was in Pittsford to see the Panthers take on the Canandaigua Braves. It was a very close game as both offenses struggled to score. The rain starting coming down in the second quarter and was steady until the end. Canandaigua ended up winning in the fourth quarter on a quarterback run left for about 60 yards for the score. The game ended Braves 13, Panthers 10.

Sunday I finished off the weekend with my last regular season games of Chili Lions football. This day I was shooting the Purple Mitey Mites and the Junior Midgets. This ends another great season with the Lions and finally a decent weather day which did not occur many times on 2009 Sundays.

Gallery: Chili Lions

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Football Weekend

I started the weekend off with a cold and rainy miserable night game at Gates-Chili. The Spartans were taking on the Brockport Blue Devils who were playing without there starting running back. I didn't find this out until game time and was upset that I didn't get an opportunity to get some shots of him. Gates ended up winning 40-13 as the Blue Devils had no answer for their powerful running game.

Levester Tucker (28) and Elijah Thomas (32) ran all over the Blue Devils on the ground and the Spartans moved to 4-2 on the season.

Saturday morning I took the long drive to Dundee to see them face off against South Seneca. Dundee dominated the first half scoring early and often with the ground game. South Seneca made it a little closer in the second half with 3 passing touchdowns. The Scotsman pulled it out though and the final score was 34-19.

Here Steven Webb (32) runs to the near sideline making many Falcon defenders miss on his way to a big gain.

The game involved some big hits including this shot by Ryan Ballard (21) on South Seneca's running back Matt Wyckoff (20)

The last day of the weekend I was back in Chili to shoot two Lions games. I was there to shoot the Junior Pee Wee Purple and Pee Wee teams. They both played Baden Street on Merante Field. I am exhausted after a long weekend. Here's a couple from Sunday.

Gallery: Chili Lions

Monday, October 12, 2009

Boys and Girls Soccer v. Spencerport

Thursday, the Gates-Chili boys took on the Spencerport Rangers soccer team at Gates stadium. I walked in just as the game started and was only able to stay for the first half. It gets darker much earlier now late in the season and the stadium lights don't help at all. Some photographers have told me they are now the worst in the county. Anyways, not much happened in the first half but after I left Spencerport scored twice to win 2-0.

Paul Morabito (2) scored both goals in the second half for Spencerport.

I like this shot of the Gates team making a wall on the direct kick. Everyone is moving except #10 who is standing firm. The funny part is the ball hit #10 on the kick.

There was some physical play as you can see in this shot.

Friday I decided to shoot the girls soccer team before the night football game. I knew this was the last 4:30 game for them and wanted to get shots with decent light. I was wrong as the rain fell hard all night and there were extremely dark skies. I only shot a few photos that were acceptable before the darkness was too much. They were also playing against Spencerport like the boys the following night. Spencerport has some great players and are a top team this year. The Rangers ended up winning 3-1 but Gates showed some toughness at the end scoring once and having some other close chances.

It was wet and slippery on the field as the rain was steady the whole game. Here a Ranger player gets a spike into a Spartans defender.

Players from both sides did everything they could to control the ball on such a slippery field.

Boys Gallery: GC v. Spencerport

Girls Gallery: GC v. Spencerport

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy Week of October Sports

As usual, I am running way behind because of a ton of photos and work this week. I am bunching the last week of shoots together to get me caught up. I am really trying to fit in the rest of the GC sports so no one is left out and increase my galleries on MaxPreps. I also am shooting other schools and working with a few papers and that is also taking away some of my time for this blog.

Last blog I mentioned shooting soccer Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a day of shooting cross country. I was able to shoot my first running of the year and it took a toll on the whole week. The number of photos and edits took so long to finish it backed up all the rest of my galleries for the week. Anyways, check out the boys and girls varsity cross country shots by going to the gallery down below. The teams included the Gates-Chili Spartans, Pittsford Mendon Vikings, Batavia Blue Devils, Greece Odyssey Leopards, and Churchville-Chili Saints. The meet took place in Greece at Basil Marella Park.

Thursday and Friday were days off due to weather and a cancellation but still I was behind on my edits. Saturday, I woke up early and shot Gates girls soccer as they took on the Hilton Cadets. As I arrived, I noticed that one of the Hilton players was on the ground being tended to. The Hilton goalie was hurt during pre-game and left the field for medical care. Hilton used there back-up and Gates took advantage to win 2-0.

After the soccer game was homecoming football at Gates-Chili as they welcomed Irondequoit in for a 3:00 pm game. The game was as expected and Gates took a big lead with their powerful running game. On a side note, Irondequoit's starting QB did not dress for the game and GC's defense harassed the back-up all game. The end score was Spartans 34, Eagles 0.

Sunday I was up early again to a cloudy, rainy day of Chili Lions football. I shot two games and went right home to continue on with my edits.

Monday, I wanted to get one more gallery of tennis before their season ended. I was able to photograph a few sets of Gates first round sectional match against Greece Lightning which combines Arcadia and Olympia. They ended up moving on in their bracket with a 6-1 win.

Tuesday, I knew East Rochester field hockey was going to be playing Gates at home and wanted to get some shots of this amazing team. They have been the top team in this area and New York state for a while now. I knew the game would not be close as GC lost 9-0.

Finally a break and I am almost caught up!

Girls Soccer: GC v. Hilton

Football Gallery: GC v. Irondequoit

Football Gallery: Chili Lions

Tennis Sectionals: GC v. Greece

Field Hockey Gallery: GC v. ER

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cold Weather Soccer

This week the temperature has dipped down into sweatshirt and raincoat weather. I shot two soccer games this week and the weather was horrible Monday for the Gates-Chili boys game against Hilton. It started as a cold late afternoon game but took a turn for the worse as the rain and wind kicked in. I was prepared for the rain with my rain pants, jacket, and most importantly a thinktank camera cover. Everything stayed dry so the protection did its job and I took some cool photos of the rain affecting the play. Gates ended up losing 2-0 in this horrible Rochester weather.

Hilton's Corey Sherman (23) slides into Spartans midfielder Paul Altobelli (17) during a cold rainstorm in Gates.

Gates midfielder Joe Plummer (16) and Cadets defenseman Kyle Bryan (17) keep their eyes on the ball.

Wednesday, I drove over to Rush Henrietta high school were they took on #1 Penfield in boys soccer. Again, the weather was cold but the rain never showed up for this one. It was overcast with some dark clouds which produced some rich saturated photos. RH scored an early goal that stood after one half of play. I planned on leaving at halftime but with a chance of an upset I decided to stick around longer. Ten minutes into the second half Penfield tied up the game. I decided it was time to go, but found out later that RH scored again to upset Penfield. I was upset I missed probably a decent celebration but I wasn't as prepared for the cold. I knew I made the right decision because I already was feeling the effects of a cold.

Royal Comets defender Josh Olinger (2) keeps Penfield attacker Alex Swanger (12) away from the ball.

RH's goalie Antonio Donoso (1) punches the ball away from Patriots midfielder Steve Mounnarat (10).